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IT Project Management

Companies seem to dislike the term ‘CHANGE’ because it represents uncertainty. The truth is that CHANGE ensures success in realizing that the company is going in the wrong direction. The only time the organization fails is when it is not possible to make a CHANGE anymore. Human or handling errors are valuable to a company. It´s all about learning from that and realize CHANGES which prevent the same errors from happening again.

Human or handling errors are valuable to a company.

My Service

Agile or waterfall approach

Evaluation of scope, technical tools, and dependencies with running solutions. Identification of the optimal project approach.

PRINCE2, PMI or customer driven

Selection of best practice methodology and definition  of dedicated toolsets to ensure efficient governance.

Greenfield or template set up

Studying of existing landscape environment to find all parameters for a decision to start with the most suitable basis setup.

Stakeholder Management

Identification of external and internal stakeholder groups. Building transparent communication channels and managing of risks.

Template & Rollout projects

Appointing for „Create One – deploy X“ strategy based on centralized or decentralized enterprise organisation.

Build or Buy solution

Evalulation of relevant criteria to opt for solutions developed in house or for „buy in“ software with contract management.

Way of working

Building a bridge

I regard myself as a bridge builder between IT and business and  the internal and external participants.

Innovative solution

I am in favor of innovative solutions.  All work is targeted to giving an added value to the customer.


I am focused on your needs, know the importance of communication between partners and the significance of leadership.

Experience in SAP solution

I offer my services to you in SAP environment relying on a 20-year experience in different positions in globally operating corporations in telecommunication, engineering construction and the automotive industry.

I will come back to you

Contact me by phone +49 (0) 172 294 2360 or submit a business inquiry online.

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