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in terms of my business means the ability to create or enhance business processes based on the latest technology. It aims at improving a given functionality by more intelligent cooperation of manpower and IT applications.


in terms of my business means working for a defined goal based on a set of common  values. It means understanding different roles and responsibilites and acting openly and honestly.


in terms of my business means strenghtening the customer´s market position. It means choosing the long-lasting solution in situations where several options are available. It means evaluating all parameters with the intention of increasing the value for the corporate customer.

As Einstein said:
“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

As Robert Bosch said:
„You can regain lost money but you can‘t regain lost trust.“

As Hermann Hesse said:
“‘Our thinking has value only if we live it’.”

testimonials Erik

Erik Govaerts,
Project Manager, Telenet, Antwerp Area, Belgium

As a Line Manager within Project Management Office (PMO) Organization I led a team of Global Project Managers. Franz worked within my team as Senior Project Manager for SAP projects in different domains.

He coordinated the work of the technical SAP teams in Nokia IT and the Business owner in different parts of the company. His responsibility was to make sure the scope of the project was executed in a timely manner and within budget following strict quality guidelines. Franz managed large virtual international teams located in different time zones. He managed large projects as well as several smaller projects simultaneously. His work involved SAP ERP modules Material Management (MM), Production Planning (PP) and Sales and Distribution (SD) as well as NetWeaver components.

All his tasks he executed with great passion and reliability. His excellent project management skills enabled him to keep on track during critical phases.

Besides his work, Franz also participated actively in various workgroups (project management governance, agile project management etc.) to develop the way of working in the PMO.

Testimonials Gabriella Virag

Gabriella Virag,
National Mobile Payment cPlc., Hungaria

I lead as a Global Process Designer and Member of the Steering Group the financial processes within the Project of Pilot implementation Supplier Based Management tool within SAP Application.
Franz has managed the IT team for this project as Technical Implementation Manager.

He was open getting to know the team members. As we were an international project team it became clear during the first week that he has great remote management skills (e.g. online meetings).
His communication on status meetings was well structured and clear and he was well prepared for Core Team meetings.
He always paid attention to the opinion of the team professionals especially when he had to made decisions. He took into consideration the big picture and the details also, while managing changes.
He was available at any time to let us ask questions or to give information.
Franz strives for the best and is scrupulous enough to deliver quality in time.
He always found solution for the arising problems and conflicts and this really helped smooth working.

His professional knowledge and skills really gives value and ensure success.
I have really enjoyed the work in Franz’s project team. We have done a really well-organized and focused work, thanks to Franz.

testimonials senthilkumar

Senthilkumar Palsamy,
Associate Manager, SAP Labs India Pvt. ltd. Bangalore, India

Franz was heading the project SBM CR Phase 1 and Phase 2. These two phases were to bring SOA adoption in maintaining critical data within ERP based systems… I acted as scrum master and a product owner in these projects.

With his high expertise in the area of project management, he streamlined the process in a way that project deadlines are met without any strain… Irrespective of technical complexity or infrastructure issues, Franz´s way of dealing with conflicts was always a direct and transparent approach. This brings motivation for the execution team.

Communication to stakeholders were ON and well informed all times. On the other way stakeholders expectation and objective was communicated effectively to the execution team to share common objective.

His strong expertise across projects, helps to bring an effective Risk management to the table, which strongly helped in prioritizing the tasks as an execution person.

With that experience, Franz was never hesitant to seek information for his own understanding from any of his most junior resources at any time, by directly calling or visiting them.

I am very proud to work along with Franz. I learned a lot in terms of project management from Franz, which is currently helping me in my current role as technical developer @ SAP & in also other idea driven executions.

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